1.     Local Rules

For the local rules, the Hard Card of the KBGF do apply (Link or See website KBGF). 

Out of Bounds ( Rule 27-1)

  • Championship Course: Beyond line of posts on the left of hole 9; when playing hole 8, white posts are deemed to be immovable obstructions. 

Ground under repair (Rule 25)

Ground under repair is defined by blue stakes (play prohibited) or white lines (play optional). Relief must be taken according Rule 25-1.

Dropping zone

On Old Course 11, for a ball lost in the frontal water hazard, additionally to rule 26, a dropping zone is foreseen, situated next to the Ladies' front tee. 

Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)

All roads and paths are integral parts of the course except paths covered or partly covered with black grit. Such paths covered or partly covered with black grit may be considered as immovable obstructions and players may obtain relief and proceed as per Rule 24-2.

Temporary local rules are specified on the notice board.

2.     General Information

Distance markers 

  • Brown posts: 150 meters to the center of the green. 
  • Sprinkler heads: distance to the front of the green.

Trolleys & buggies

  • Keep away from tees and greens (> 10 meters).
  • Respect trolley and buggy boundary around greens (white line).

Pin Positions

  • Red Flag: Front of the green.
  • Yellow Flag: Center of the green.
  • White Flag: Back of the green.


When play is suspended for lightning, players shall discontinue play (= stop) immediately and shall not thereafter resume play or practice until the Committee has ordered a resumption of play:

  • One long siren blast: STOP PLAY immediately, mark ball, seek shelter;
  • Two siren blasts: Resume play;
  • Three siren blasts: Play is stopped, player is allowed to finish the hole (ex. twilight, faint light);

Emergencies: call 03 380 12 80